The First Thanksgiving Wednesday PM Service 11-27-19

What to do When it Happens Sunday PM Service 11-24-19

Thanksgiving Sunday AM Service 11-24-19

Exodus 32 Part II Sunday School 11-24

Discouragement Wednesday PM service 11-20-19

God's Finger Sunday Evening Service November 17 2019

Sunday Morning Service November 17 2019

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Exodus 32 Sunday School November 17, 2019

Heading Back In what a Great Day of Fellowship

Heading Out What a beautiful Day

Communion Service Sunday PM 11-10-19

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Veterans Day AM Service 10 November 2019

Exodus 31 Sunday School 11-10-19

NTA Presentation Wednesday PM Service 11-6-19

A Man Called Jabez Sunday PM Service 11-3-19

Fellowship Sunday AM Service 11-3-19

Exodus 30 Sunday School 11-3-19