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Florence Baptist Academy was established in 2001, when we saw an enormous need for quality education in the Florence and Coolidge areas.   The philosophy of the school is that we are only a small part of the family and we need to have cooperation with the family unit, in order to achieve a full education experience.  We do not try to take away from any part of the family, while at the same time training students to be great young men and young women.   We believe a child needs to be educated by body soul and spirit. We educate the body through our physical education program and intramural sports program. We educate the soul of the child through the mastery based education program of learning. We educate the spirit through the Bible based curriculum which we use.    We believe a child needs to master what he or she is being taught before they should be able to progress into the next part of their learning experience. We require all students to receive a 90% or higher on their test scores, in order to advance to the next level of learning.    When a student comes to the school they are tested to see where they can achieve, in their own learning ability and are placed in the curriculum where they can make that achievement. Students then can learn as fast as their mind will allow them to. We do not hold students back if they can excel in learning. On the other side, we do not force a student to keep up to those who are their own age if they do not understand the concepts of what they are being taught.   We have had great success in our achievement scores. All our students test well above the national average for their grade level, using Stanford 10 testing.  All of our graduates have gone on to higher education with great entrance scores from the schools they enrolled in.    If you would like to know more about Florence Baptist Academy, please do not hesitate to call the school. We do have limited enrollment and the school fills fast from year to year.    School office: 520-868-1728