Wednesday PM Service 8-28-19

Tonight we take a look at the Episcopal and Lutheran church

Things that are Different Sunday PM Service 8-25-19

Beware of Friends Sunday AM Service 8-25-19

Exodus 24 Sunday School 8-25-19

Wednesday PM Service 8-21-19

We will be looking at the Prespaterian Church 

"Fool" Sunday PM Service 8-18-19

Lasting Friendship Sunday AM Service 8-18-19

Exodus 23 Part 2 Sunday School 8-18-19

The Sufferings of Jesus Wednesday PM Service 8-14-19

Slippery Ground Sunday PM Service 8-11-19

Friends Sunday AM Service 8-11-19

Exodus 23 Sunday School 8-11-19

Question & Answer Wednesday PM Service 8-7-19

The Whole Armor of God Sunday AM Service 8-4-19

Exodus 22 Sunday School 8-4-19